TV review: ABC Kids’ new season three episodes of Bluey

I’ve reviewed episodes of Bluey since the show premiered in 2018. Every time a new batch comes through, I wait with bated breath – is THIS going to be the season it gets worse? It can’t stay that great, can it? At what stage does the standard dive?

TV review: ABC Kids' new season three episodes of Bluey

The pressure!

Breathe a sigh of relief, Bluey fans. I’m happy to say that the latest batch of season three – ABC releases 11 in this current crop – is just as fantastic as you’d hope.

That’s quite amazing when you consider that the entire series was written by just one man, the show’s original creator, animator Joe Brumm. When we feel the pressure, imagine how he feels.

Camera IconThe Heelers take a well-deserved break after an epic game of Musical Statues. Credit: delivered.

As the father of two daughters (those were Bingo and Bluey’s ages when the show started), he has no shortage of material. But surely there comes a time when your kids get older after those early years, and you stop living the stories you write about?

Fortunately, the three episodes released for review give hope that much more material will be gained from the Heeler family.

The final run starts with an EP called Musical Statues, a nice nod to those now-famous opening credits.

Like so many other episodes, it’s ruminant rich about many “bigger” things, including the importance of moving, doing, and being in the moment.

Of course, kids won’t pick up on all of this—and maybe I’m reading too much into it—but for the adults watching with them, there’s a surprisingly poignant life lesson somewhere.

Then we have the hilariously funny stories, which will be shown on Tuesday. This instant classic features the vocal talents of one of the world’s biggest stars.

ABC has asked me not to reveal who this is, but let’s say his character will become a fan favorite, and we hope we’ll see more of him eventually.

Camera IconWinton and Indy stop for a chat with Major Tom. Credit: delivered.

Then there is Tradies. This makes Bingo and Bluey “spies” while keeping an eye on the two tradies who are coming to build a new fishing pond in their backyard.

It’s hard not to think the millions of international fans here will be scratching their heads. There are piles of strangely specific, very Australian jokes about the two hi-vis-wearing dudes that show up, one of whom is voiced by Mick Molloy (because: naturally!).

Camera IconCalypso and the kids welcome Major Tom to class in a new episode of Bluey. Credit: delivered.

Listen, I could chat all day about how amazing Bluey is, but the proof is in the pudding – tune in and see for yourself.

You will not be disappointed.

New episodes of Bluey will air today from 8 am and 6:20 pm on ABC kids and Iview.

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Bluey fans are not happy that the popular Australian cartoon could be Americanized

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