The perfect Parisian night in Perth

There’s an unmistakable Parisian vibe to Perth right now: the fresh air is perfect weather to wind up and head to a patisserie for a coffee and croissant, the world-famous Van Gogh Alive exhibition has appeared in the Supreme Court Gardens, and the Broadway spectacle An American In Paris arrives at the Crown Theater in July. Add this to the hype of Paris fashion week and Netflix comedy-drama ‘Emily in Paris’; who hasn’t dreamed of those beautifully studded tall cream buildings and staying in a room with a flower-filled balcony, where the Eiffel at night is a sight to behold? Did you view light with yellow lights that look like shining stars?

The perfect Parisian night in Perth

Surely this is a universal daydream, one to be followed. So we’ve tasked ourselves with donning our thinking berets to help you out there.

Picture your favorite champagne and cheeses followed by a sumptuous dinner in a contemporary French-designed space, followed by a fly on the wall to the classically complicated story that is love.

Have we created the perfect night out for you and a loved one? You will have to put it to the test.

First of all, are you staying overnight?

Staycations can make you feel like you’re going on vacation somewhere else, and if you’re “going to Paris,” why not create your holiday table setting by packing a suitcase with some of your favorite outfits, French-themed, of course?

The ultimate experience

What better way to transport your senses to Paris than sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France? Located in the heart of the Crown Metropol Lobby, La Vie Champagne Lounge will ignite your delicious side and Parisian palate with a champagne list with enthusiasm and elegance. To top it all off, enjoy their extraordinary High Cheese – another great love for France. And if champagne isn’t your thing, they have a range of signature cocktails designed to take your taste buds on a Parisian journey. Cheers! We recommend that you start the night here.

Camera Icon Champagne and High Cheese at La Vie. Credit: shot by Thom.

Dwell on Parisian luxury.

Our advice? We thought that if you’re looking for an authentic experience, you should move into Paris’s stylish, bistro-strewn streets, which brings us to Bistro Guillaume, Chef Guillaume Brahimi’s exquisite French provincial eatery. You can expect a varied a la carte menu that uses fresh and local produce, such as Rottnest Island Swordfish and Shark Bay Crab, all designed to take you on a French epicurean adventure. As a young man, Guillaume trained at three Michelin-star restaurants, La Tour D’argent and Jamin’ in Paris, before moving to Australia. Save room for dessert (think mille-feuille and profiteroles).

Camera icon Bistro Guillaume. Credit: Jess Wyld.

Dinner and show about a love triangle in Paris

Now that your senses are awake and your taste buds are satisfied, it’s time to end the evening with a photo. You’ll want to experience the tour de force, ‘ An American in Paris’ – a Broadway musical that a bevy of big names as a must-see has cited. And you can, as he’s coming to Perth in July for his Australian Premiere Tour (a huge achievement in itself; we’re often forgotten). “Beautiful, just beautiful! Everything in this merry dance-drunk show moves with a spring in its stride. Pure joy!” writes The New York Times. Besides, what’s a night out in Paris without a dramatic love story?

Camera icon ‘An American in Paris’. Credit: Darren Thomas.

When ready for a luxurious night out, you can transport your senses to Paris without boarding a plane. Visit the website for tickets for ‘An American in Paris’.

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