Is your small law firm ready for the future?

Technology’s impact on our daily routines is crystal clear, and the same is true for our businesses: Our phones wake us up in the morning, and then we use them to make calls and answer emails, arrange meetings, and so on.

Is your small law firm ready for the future?

However, technology still has enormous potential to improve our communication and connection and to help businesses thrive in an environment of dynamic change.

So, how do we use it to stay relevant? How can small firm lawyers keep up with their large law firm counterparts?

It’s time to embrace change.

Like many other industries, the legal practice is deeply rooted in tradition and can, therefore, easily get stuck in certain ways of doing things that practically no longer serve them. It requires a different perspective and a new approach to thinking and understanding. For example, the whole world experienced a shift when the pandemic started, and many people found working from home more productive after a while. So to change – and ultimately improve – situations, people, businesses, and industries need to embrace it. And they are.

We spoke with the Head of Legal Software Solutions at LexisNexis, David Howlett, and Managing Director at CT Group, Anton Thysse, about what’s already happening in the legal field, from AI freeing up time for lawyers to technology enabling people to embrace the future of remote working.

“The wind of change is blowing through the legal profession,” said Mr. Howlett.

“Today it’s virtually impossible to use traditional armies of employees to comb through the explosion of legal data online, which is why understanding where technology can fit into your business is so important going forward.”

“It’s all very exciting, especially as WA plays a role in the change and its success,” said M.r Thysse.

“‘Affinity Connect’, a cloud-based practice management system that allows law firms to operate from anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection), was the result of a great collaboration between LexisNexis and ourselves.

“With no IT investments or installations required, small to medium-sized law firms can embrace the flexibility required today without sacrificing the features they need to do their jobs.”

The positive impact on lawyers and their clients

For law firms, especially small ones, it can be vital to use technology to their advantage, especially for their future.

“Systems like Affinity Connect should be a no-brainer.

“They are built to give you more time to focus on what you need to focus on, to thrive.”

And in today’s flexible work environment, cloud-based technology means you can work effectively wherever you are – in the office, at home, or on the road.

Futureproofing is about innovation: finding ways to do things faster and more efficiently. It’s more important than ever for small law firms to embrace software and technology that can automate tasks and increase productivity.

LexisNexis provides world-class content and industry-leading technology to those who advance commerce, society, and justice. WA-based company CT Group is part of the process by delivering the cloud solution for ‘Affinity Connect’. Visit the website for more information.

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