Hot Ones: Fremantle’s Dingo Sauce Co stars in the final season of the hugely popular US series

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and rapper Post Malone are among the big names testing their mettle against Psycho Hot Sauce from Fremantle company Dingo Sauce Co. on the 18th season of the popular YouTube series Hot Ones.

Hot Ones: Fremantle's Dingo Sauce Co stars in the final season of the hugely popular US series

Two years ago, Dingo featured their Widow Maker sauce on the 11th season of the Emmy-nominated show in 2020, in which host Sean Evans interviews celebrities as they process ten increasingly spicy chili sauces.

Margot Robbie, Pete Davidson, Zac Efron, and Will Ferrell were among the entertainment heavyweights to sample Widow Maker, with pop superstar Justin Timberlake proclaiming Dingo chef Leigh Nash “Willy Wonka of hot sauce”.

Widow Maker tips the scales at a scorching 682,000 Scoville heat units, which is over 180 times hotter than Tabasco Original Pepper Sauce. Dingo’s new Psycho Hot Sauce is a fiendish 666,000 Scoville units.

Both sauces filled the ninth – or second hottest – position on Hot Ones.

Camera IconDingo’s new Psycho Hot Sauce is a fiendish 666,000 Scoville unit. Credit: YouTube/supplied camera IconRapper Post Malone is one of the big names testing their mettle against Fremantle company Dingo Sauce Co’s Psycho Hot Sauce. Credit: Youtube/included

The hugely popular series put Dingo on the world stage, with the family business having to increase production almost overnight.

More than 25 million people watched Malone’s last performance in late 2016, while the Season 11 episodes starring Robbie and Ferrell battling Widow Maker have approximately 19 million views each.

“We had once made batches of 200 bottles at a time, and we were given six weeks to produce 100 times that amount,” Nash said of the sudden surge in demand two years ago.

“No one was more surprised than we were when we got it done.”

Nash’s wife and Dingo director Ailbhe Travers added that while COVID-19 has derailed their momentum, strong online sales and development of their new “intensely hot” Psycho, using Bhutlah chili grown in Carnarvon, have got Dingo up and running again. Put.

With Camera IconDingo’s Psycho sauce, Millie Bobby Brown reached for a cooling milkshake and ice cubes. Credit: Youtube/supplied camera IconDingo Sauce Co’s Chef and Owner Leigh Nash. Hot Ones put Dingo on the global stage, requiring the family business to increase production almost overnight. Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/The West Australian

Despite “destroyed” global supply chains and other challenges – heatwaves, floods, labor shortages, and a lack of everything from vinegar to cardboard boxes – Dingo has exported 52,000 bottles of Psycho in time to take advantage of its inclusion in its latest range. Hot.

Having a second sauce appear on Hot Ones, which premiered on May 26, was “the stuff of dreams,” according to the couple.

“To reach Hot Ones one day was a life-changing opportunity for our small business,” said Nash.

“To do it twice, well, it’s surreal.”

Speaking of surreal, Malone thought his “brain was hacked” by Psycho, while Brown reached for a cooling milkshake and ice cubes after tasting the Freo-created hot sauce.

“It’s already burning my nose,” she said before trying Psycho. “My face doesn’t feel like my face.”

More than 250 episodes of Hot Ones have aired since the show debuted in March 2015.

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