Blind Date: Maddi, who owns a cookie business, and quizmaster Pav enjoyed the view in The Reveley

Maddi, 28, says:

I’m doing a staycation. I didn’t realize how close The Reveley was to my hotel, so I arrived a little early. The bar was packed, absolutely packed.

Blind Date: Maddi, who owns a cookie business, and quizmaster Pav enjoyed the view in The Reveley

Pav almost showed up when I sat down. He was also a little early, which was nice. We ordered some food and drinks. He’s vegetarian, so we have some things in common. He went up, called it, which was nice and very friendly. Then we started chatting.

We had a great talk about social media and that kind of empire I had to use for advertising and getting my work out there. He also does a lot of streaming and YouTube stuff, which I’m familiar with. So we talked about that for a while. And then we talked a lot about families. And our family dynamics.

I’ve caught up with the conversation a bit, which is normal because I talk so much. I’m a little worried about what he will say about that. Could you give me a subject, and I’m gone? But it wasn’t like talking to a brick wall or anything; he certainly contributed. It was a good conversation.

I think we have very different personalities. He loves gaming and the online world, and I am no longer a gamer. I played The Sims, that’s it. I am a super outspoken person. I have very, very strong opinions. And I’m not afraid to talk about that and bring it out there, and I feel like he was a little more reserved, which could be nerves.

I don’t think there was ever any awkwardness. He didn’t make me feel uncomfortable in any way. He was very friendly and nice.

Within the first, probably 10 minutes, I could see it wasn’t going anywhere. He was super, super nice. I couldn’t blame him at all. But there was no spark or connection or anything.

I’m attracted to someone willing to fight me back and have a full debate. So I need that kind of pugnacity of a stubborn personality.

Verdict: 7/10

Pav, 28, says:

I tried to get there a little early just because I didn’t like people waiting, but she turned out to be there already. She said she had a hotel room around the corner.

I wasn’t nervous, but I was stressed out, like, “What if it’s someone I know? What if I’ve already been on a date with them?” Maddi said she was a little nervous, and I was surprised because she seemed very comfortable, was very hospitable, and had a very warm energy.

Admittedly, I didn’t talk that much in the end. She was a big talker, but that’s fine because I hate talking about myself. I’m more focused on listening, which probably isn’t the best for a first-date setting.

She talked a lot about her ambition and what she does, like her bakery business, which is cool. I’m interested in baking, and I’ve tried to do it side by side, but I’m terrible. It was interesting to learn a little about how she got into it.

Her ambition was something I can appreciate, as also the creative possibilities she has. That was certainly very interesting. She said she’d done a few Fringe shows, which was interesting to learn about that whole process. She sings and a little comedy.

There were certainly overarching interests I could relate to, but nothing we interacted with. It felt like catching up with an old friend, having a drink, and just chatting about the good old days.

I didn’t get her number, but I probably should have because I’d love to catch up. While it was a really fun night, and I’d love to hang out again, I think what we’re looking for in the long run is lifelike. But I would love to hang out as friends because we share many of the same ideologies regarding interests. We said goodbye and went our separate ways.

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