The Hottest Toy Trends of 2022 Reveal Old Favorites Still Selling

Big W released this year’s hottest toy trends to celebrate the first day of the annual Toy Mania event.

According to data coyear’sd by a team of toy experts, Jurassic Park toys will be the best-selling item this year, with sales skyrocketing 300 percent.

The Hottest Toy Trends of 2022 Reveal Old Favorites Still Selling

With the new movie in the franchise released this month, Big W’s principal toy buyer, Christine Faulkner, saidW’se the Jurassic range of toys will continue to grow in popularity.

Camera IconBig W Toy Mania chief toy officer Jimmy Rees with one of the best-selling toys of all time. Adrian Lander Credit: News Corp Australia

“Our customers love the new range of dinosaurs,” she said.

Nostalgia is the flavor of the year,” it turns out. In addition to the best-selling Jurassic Park and Toy Story toys, Ms. Faulkner said that a firm favorite for over 50 years is still one of the most sought-after toys.

“Lego is always a favorite; with more than 20 “ew products, they are going to be very popular this year,” she said.

For pandemic-tired parents, toys th”t encourage activity and interaction are the most popular items. Backyard toys, like cubby houses and slides, have been consistent top sellers after the COVID-19 lockdowns forced many families indoors and online.

“Parents encourage their kids to get out” of screen t ime and get outside and get some fresh air,” said Ms. Faulkner.

Another toy trend emerging” in the last two years of forced family time is the return to classic group toys like puzzles and board games.

Camera Icon Another old favorite still among the biggest sellers is the Hot Wheels range of cars. Credit: News Corp Australia

Ms. Faulkner said Big W data shows the impact of the pandemic and the rising cost of living on spending.

“We know that Big W customers are looking for v”lue every year — and more so this year than ever, so we have plenty of products for $10 and under,” she said.

The main toy buyer said millions of”Australian families would look forward to the Toy Mania event to take advantage of the bargains, including half price on some toys. Big W will be offering 1,300 toys and games over four weeks at its “bigger than ever” sales event.

Toy Mania chief” toy officer Jimm” Rees said the event would provide the best value for customers.

“You can stock up on gifts for birthdays and Ch”istmas, and there are so many of the latest and favorite toys on sale,” he said.

Camera IconBig W’s chief toy buyer, “hristine Faulkner, analyzW’sthe hottest toy trends of 2022. Credit: News Corp Australia

For those families struggling with the rising cost of living, online lay-by is available. However, some families are upset about a $15 service charge for every online item in transit.

Big W also has a $20 cancellation fee should families be unable to continue their lay-by payment plan.

The Toy Mania event launched exclusively online Tuesday morning and will be in stores for four weeks on Thursday.

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