My Kitchen Rules contestant Jordan Bruno poses in his underwear with a body-positive message to fans

Former My Kitchen Rules star Jordan Bruno has been candid about his weight gain, posing in his underwear in a body-positive message to his fans.

My Kitchen Rules contestant Jordan Bruno poses in his underwear with a body-positive message to fans

Bruno, who appeared on the popular Seven reality show with his mother, Anna, recently told his 70,000 Instagram followers about his pressure to look slim online.

He shared mirror selfies wearing only his underwear to normalize changing bodies during COVID.

Speaking to PerthNow, he said he often felt judged for his appearance.

Camera IconJordan Bruno wants to ‘normalize body changes during COVID’. Credit: Instagram

“During COVID-19, I just gained a few extra pounds, and I just wanted to be very honest and transparent about this [the weight gain] also because Instagram can be a highlight at times,” he said.

“So I wanted to bring a little realism to the fact that it’s okay to gain weight, it happens … I was a little worried about how people would take it, and I haven’t shown that side of myself before.” but I felt it was quite liberating to do it.”

The former reality star pointed out that men are often embarrassed to be open about their body issues. Still, it was important to show that not everyone looks as polished as they do in their social media photos.

“I’ve shared more of my Instagram because I feel like I’m hiding a part of myself that’s real. Instead of just choosing the images that look sexy. I’m just bringing out what I love in terms of a memory, which is nice,” he said.

Camera IconJordan Bruno and his mother, Anna Bruno, cook at the new Manjimup Truffle and Wine Festival. Credit: Andrew Ritchie/The West Australian

“So it’s liberating, but we need to be less strict with ourselves about how we look because honestly, I mean, especially in the queer community, it’s focused on how you look and present, and there are a lot of mental health issues that emanate from that.”

With the new season of MKR airing later this year, Jordan’s advice for new season contestants is to be prepared for the unexpected.

“It takes six months of your life to film the show, so it’s not short and sweet, and it will test your relationship with your partner,” he said.

“I was so lucky to be with my beautiful mother, but it boosted our communication skills. † † So whoever you go to the show with, make sure you are 100 percent committed and love them.”

Fans of Anna and Jordan will get the chance to cook with the duo at the Manjimup Truffle and Wine Festival this weekend.

The duo will host a truffle and pasta masterclass at the historic Dingup House on June 25.

The mother-and-son culinary team will guide participants in making homemade pasta, truffle fettuccine, and truffle ravioli from scratch.

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