Model friends team up for an im-PAW tent event to help Balinese dogs

With open borders and tourists returning en masse to our home away from home, the Indonesian paradise of Bali, two Perth models have joined forces for a cause they want more people to be aware of.

Model friends team up for an im-PAW tent event to help Balinese dogs

While some of us might stop for a cheap tattoo or drink Bintang by the pool, Sophie Kerrigan and Melissa Dobson want to let tourists know there’s one important cause we should all be more aware of helping Bali dogs.

We see animals almost everywhere, and the two women want to do what they can to support the reduction of conservation and damage.

“It is a third-world country, and they are not as privileged or lucky as we are here. I have been to Bali many times. † † but when you start seeing the dogs on the street, you can’t just go to Bali and enjoy yourself without helping,” Dobson told AAA.

“I just fell in love with the Bali dog; it’s just such a beautiful animal, and to see the terrible damage that happens to them there…I had to do something.

“Now that people can fly to Bali, hopefully, there will be more awareness about it, and people can start helping; after being in a really bad situation, they urgently need money.”

Act 4 Bali Dogs is run by two wonderful women, Ebony and Cari, who live in Bali and devote their lives to rescuing dogs there.

“On average, we take care of more than 100 dogs each month, including disabled mothers and their puppies, abused and neglected dogs, and dogs that survive meat; we have a no-kill policy. Even the toughest dog deserves a chance to live his life in peace,” the couple said in a statement to AAA.

“They all deserve a chance to know that people can be kind and show compassion.”

Kerrigan, whose ex is founder and charity owner Malcolm Day, said Ebony and Cari had dedicated their lives to helping these dogs.

“They do a great job, so they rely purely on the support of donations,” she said.

The organization rescues, vaccinates, sterilizes, rehabilitates, and rehomes neglected and abandoned dogs in Bali.

In 2021, the women completed 1076 vaccinations, 831 sterilizations, 357 rescues, 931 street or home treatments, and 232 adoptions.

Kerrigan and Dobson team up for a fundraiser to be held Saturday in Coconut Grove.

Camera icons Sophie Kerrigan and Melissa Dobson (pink dress) organize a fundraiser in Coconut Grove to draw attention to the abuse of dogs in Bali. Kelsey Reid Credit: Kelsey Reid/The West Australian

The money will go to Act 4 Bali Dogs, which helps rescue dogs on the island.

The evening will consist of a fashion show, a pole dance performance, and an online silent auction. The fashion parade consists of Style Haus Fashion Hire, Jonte, Simone Perele Lingerie, and Keiko Jewellery.

All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to vaccinations, sterilizations, minor and major surgeries, medicines, and food.

Cash donations are also welcomed by the ladies with Dobson, who will leave for Bali in the coming months.

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