Dining out restaurant review: Forklore, West Perth has huge queues for brunch, but it’s worth the wait

When I saw the crowd outside the City West mall over the weekend, I thought there must have been a stove sale at Harvey Norman’s.

Dining out restaurant review:

Why else would people go to the nondescript downtown on the edge of the highway on a gray and drizzly morning?

This question was quickly answered when I noticed the couple, like me, trying to get a table at this Asian-inspired brunch spot.


A mega fan from Folklore revealed that the cafe draws a big crowd every weekend and that the chicken Katsu Sando was a game-changer.

Camera IconForklore: chicken katsu sando ($21.50). Credit: Instagram

With this glowing recommendation, not to mention a growing hangover after a birthday needing to be fed, we rebelled against the waiter’s tip not to sit outside (if it started raining, we’d be soaked) and happened to have a table in the elements.

The menu features 11 savory dishes, but there are also some delicious pastries and cakes on display if that’s more your mood, with everything from classic eggs on toast to mentaiko spaghetti with creamy cod roe, parmesan, and egg.

Camera iconChicken katsu sando ($21.50). Credit: Jade Jurewicz

The chicken katsu sando ($21.50) was a generous pile of fried Maryland chicken layered with yuzu and jalapeno slow, tonkatsu sauce, and amazuzuke cucumber between two slices of shokunin (soft and fluffy Japanese milk bread). The hangover demanded the chips from the side for an extra $3.50.

After a few seconds of thinking about how to go about it, inevitably deciding to bend over the board and hope for the best, it was quickly devoured.

Because the bread is so soft, it’s not as much of a mission as you might think to bite into it, and the delicious combination of the crispy chicken, creamy slaw, and spicy seasoning means you don’t care if you look like a hot one. Mess is eating it.

Kimchi yaki udon ($23) certainly strayed more on the lunchtime side of brunch, with a large slab of confit and grilled pork belly, fried egg, and mushrooms on a bowl of spicy udon.

Camera icon Kimchi yaki udon ($23). Credit: Jade Jurewicz

The pork was tasty and well-cooked, and the noodles were the perfect option for the cooler weather; my nose was running in no time. There was also plenty of katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), which heightened the flavor even more and were shaved so thin that it looked like they were dancing in the wind, adding a bit of theater to the dish.

Luckily it didn’t rain, and we escaped our first and probably not last Folklore experience dry and with a full and satisfied stomach.


Address: Suite 11-12 City West Centre, 102 Railway Street, West Perth

The verdict: Unique and tasty menu, friendly service, and a range of delicious pastries and cakes. Be prepared to queue on weekends.

Rating: 7/10

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