Blind Date: DJ Frankie and administrator Lauren met for dinner and drinks at The Royal

Frankie, 31, says:

She was first at The Royal. I didn’t want to be the first. I ran a few minutes late, as I usually am. Fashionable late, as they say.

Blind Date: DJ Frankie and administrator Lauren met for dinner and drinks at The Royal

When I got there, it was the usual small talk; we just talked about ourselves, each other, and our interests. It took us a while to decide what food we wanted as we kept getting distracted by talking. Finally got to the food and drink, and we were both quite hungry, so we split things and got some wine. We ate a lot.

She has a Canadian accent. I could be wrong; I was a bit confused. She was born here, moved to Canada, lived there for a while, then moved back. That was interesting. She didn’t look like the party animal. And she likes country music. That was a highlight. I was like, “that’s different”, something I’m not a big fan of.

I liked her very bubbly personality. She was not quiet or shy. It was good to have a chat with someone. I notice that many people nowadays, especially the younger generation, find it difficult to start a conversation. So it’s nice to have a completely fluent conversation all night long. I didn’t give up at any stage.

I felt that our interests didn’t quite match. We are two very different people. Similar to bubbles and our personalities, it’s hard to connect about certain things. We can talk about it, but securing it won’t be easy. That’s important to me, whether through music, pop culture, or nerdy stuff. There was none of that. I don’t think we’re going to play Mario Kart together.

We added each other on Facebook, and I would definitely be interested to see her again in terms of more of a friendship level, but probably not a dating level anymore.

Verdict: 6/10

Lauren, 30, says:

I’ve thought a lot of thoughts beforehand, like, “Will we get along? What’s going to happen? Is it going to be boring?” and the other obvious one, “Is he showing up?”.

I felt (like) my stomach started to knot while waiting. But as soon as I saw him, he had really beautiful eyes; we had a hug, and the stress went away.

I tried so hard not to stare into his eyes. They are a nice green-brown. But when you look at someone’s eyes, it’s not always the color that hits you; it’s just how they look. And it just excites you. I thought his eyes were just incredible. I don’t know what he was thinking or what he thought I was doing, pretending to be creepy and staring.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I might have seen him before. At least meet him somewhere. He said to me that night that he thought, “What if it’s someone I know?” He is clearly from Perth and has lived here all his life. Not me.

He said he has a few jobs. He’s studying to be a primary school teacher and a DJ on the weekends, and I think he was a social worker or a nanny. I certainly admire his work ethic.

I enjoyed it so much that it could have lasted much longer if we had both had nothing the next morning. It was just really fun and easy.

He said he was soon DJing at The Court, so if I’m interested,, I’m more than welcome to go. So if my friend feels like it, let’s go. We also added each other to social. I think the ball is more in his court. I’m saying that because I sent a message to thank you for a great night.

Verdict: 9/10

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